#8 Storytelling

As an artist, you are a storyteller.

 Become a great storyteller, and you will experience a lot of growth in your career. Art without a story is just a picture. You would be surprised at how many people actually do read the copy under your post for hints of what inspires you, how you have built your brand, how your inner thoughts and feelings propel you, and how you share your gift and your magic as a creative.

The more you tell your story, the more people will resonate with it, and the more they will engage. On the topic of engagement, this is critical in the growth of your social media, and far more important than the amount of followers you have. If you respond to comments, especially within the first hour after posting, Instagram will detect this and reward you by boosting your post further, as the algorithm loves engagement.

More specifically, engagement means likes and comments on your post. So if someone comments on your post, responding is not only polite and social (remember it's called social media), but it also increases your reach. You can work out your own Instagram engagement rate by adding the amount of likes and comments that you get per post, and then divide that by the number of followers you have.

So if you use the app in a way where Instagram will reward you with organically boosting you along, by posting daily, posting good content, responding to comments, etc, the more you will feel supported, connected with the art world, connected with your collectors and other creatives, and all this will snowball to help move your career forward to more opportunity, more progress, and a wonderful sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life.

Good Luck!

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