#5 Insights

Utilize your Insights.

Individual post insights can be found on the bottom of each post in your feed. If you tap on the blue heading 'view insight' on the bottom left of your post, you can see how many likes, comments, shares, saves, profile visits, website clicks, follows, etc you have.

Even more useful however, are your overall insights.

Overall insights can be found on the menu bar at the top right of your home screen (the three little horizontal lines). It's an awesome free focus group and market research tool for you. What are your followers and collectors liking and/or buying? Do you like it too? If so, awesome! You've hit the sweet spot, which is the Venn diagram below, and where the two circles overlap is where the juice is at, and where you should focus your attention.

If your collectors like and purchase your abstract monotone nude figurative portraits the most, and you like them too, that gives you an idea on perhaps what to focus on.This way you are not sacrificing your artistic vision, and it has the best financial return. If you look at your top twelve posts by reach for the past year, is there a theme or a commonality? A color palette, or subject matter? This is an excellent tool for you to plan your vision for your art.

To see your top posts, tap on the 'last 7 days' heading top left, and switch it to 'last 90 days' to give yourself a broader understanding of how your content is performing. You can then sort your Reels by Plays in the last Year, to see what is performing the best. You can also sort your posts and stories in the same way, it's a really valuable tool.

What content is best to post? Are your collectors younger or older? Female or male? It's great to know where your traffic is coming from, and what is performing best. It's also all free, so utilize it! When I saw that nine of my twelve top posts for the year in 2019 were mostly videos, not photos, I knew that I was right to start focusing on getting better at video. the more I practiced, the better I got, and I learned to enjoy it too and be a natural part of my process. Remember, BE the content :)

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