Lisa Elley Art | Deep Impasto Painting With A Palette Knife

Everything you need to know about painting with a palette knife

Excited to be filming another online class!

Hello! This week I'm filming my next online class! The first class went so well, and I have hundreds of students who have successfully completed the class with incredible results! It's time to level up and continue building upon the skills they've attained in to more complex pieces. I chose to...


Ocean Caress - How to make a piece gestural

This 12x36” piece S☀️LD and is headed to a new home. The title is ‘Ocean Caress’, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to stand on the foreshore in Monterey and gaze out over the Pacific as the sun goes down, you’ll know why. 💫 I used my BIG palette knives with this piece. Only pulling out my...


Painting the little floral piece that was inspiration for my course content

Here is the little 6" painting that I used as inspiration to teach in my first course; Deep Impasto painting with Lisa Elley. I chose this piece as it's just so ethereal and beautiful. I also thought it involves a good amount of steps for students to execute in an orderly fashion, so that they...